What to Expect at the Farm

We are primarily a Pick-Your-Own blueberry Farm , but in the last few years we have added Raspberries, Tart Cherries, Asparagus and Cut Flowers.

We supply buckets for you to pick your berries and containers to bring them home.   If you prefer to bring your own buckets/containers that is ok too.  After picking, bring your bucket to the Farm Stand and we will weigh your blueberries ... they are priced by the pound.   

When picking blueberries, expect to squat or even sit while picking, as our bushes are winter hardy, mid-height varieties that grow to 4 feet at maturity.  We do have a few Garden Kneelers - please ask if you would like to try one out.

When picking, seek out blueberries that are plump, dry and a rich dark blue as these are the sweetest.  Ripe blueberries should just roll off onto your finger when they are touched.  If they have to be pulled off the branch they are likely not fully ripened.  

The Raspberries and Cherries grow on taller canes/bushes.  You will be standing and bending to pick these.   Both Raspberries and Cherries will be soft to the touch and deep red when ripe and ready to pick.

It can get hot in the Field when picking - bring a hat, sunscreen and dress for the weather.  We stay open in a light rain, but close in a heavier rain.  Please call first if you are uncertain whether we are open.

Our flowers and vegetation tend to attract bees so please be prepared if you are allergic.

We welcome well-supervised children.  Please remind children to pick only ripe fruit and to refrain from eating fruit until they are home. 

Payment accepted is cash and check. 

We are sorry that we can not allow pets, but we hope you like dogs - we have a friendly golden retriever at the Farm to greet you and keep you company while you pick berries.